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"I believe that every right implies a responsiblility, every profession, duty."
It give me immense joy to know that PCET is providing quality education to the students of meerut and other cities. I do appreciate and congratulate the staff for the task of forming worthy and responsible citizens through the mission of education.

Respect and appreciation are best taught by example and experience. When you see something that needs doing or needs to change, don't wait for somebody else to do it; be the one to make a positive difference. Taking change will make you fell powerfull which will spill into and improve many other aspects of your life . The only reason responsible your actions is you "what gose around, comes around. As you many have heard. You give a take, you receive what you deserve.

In any situation there always some factors we can't control. Irrseponasible people tend to shift the blame onto these factors. I will take a look in the mirror, a good look at myself. I have to realize and accept what I have done wrong learning. Lesson is tough but not if you are strong. At the end I want to say few lines of Dictrich Bonhoeffer, "Action springs not from thoughts, but from a readiness for responsiblity."

I wish and hope that presidency college will remain an institution where the students are not only trained to select their career but also will be instrumental inculcating in them higher moral vaules and sense of repsonsibility.

May God help you to get success in your life.

(Mrs. Meenakshi Tyagi)