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If you have any work to do, DO IT NOW. Today the sky is clear and blue. Tomorrow clouds may come in view yesterday is not for you.

No one succeeds in life without hard work. We may plan our time well set targets and goals. but if we are not willing to roll up sleeves and get down to work nothing will be achieved. You should be prepared for set backs and failures. Just because you have set a plan and defined your goals are not over right going to get out of the habit of putting off things, it will take time. Be good enough to forgive yourself and get going again.

If you want to do brilliantly in your examinations and in your life, you must start your preparations right now. You cannot put anything off for later.

All that one has is today, is now! delete two words from your diary: yesterday is gone and tomorrow will be the consequence of what you do today-William Congreve

I express my gratitude towards the constant support that we recevied from the society and the well wishers there by helping us to lead our motto-"Service before self"
I extended my best wishes to the students for successful life forever.

(Rajeev sharma)